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The Power Of The Post Of The Day & How to Auto-Post To Multiple Social Media Networks From Instagram

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The Power Of The Post Of The Day

Alright, so now you should have the top 14 social media network accounts setup for your venture.  It’s important to increase your following by having multiple social accounts vs only choosing a few.  Especially with so many of the younger generation choosing newer platforms such as TikTok vs us oldies that prefer Facebook.  You don’t want potential customers or clients to choose another business simply because they didn’t find you.  I’ll be teaching you ways in the near future on how to add necessary keywords and keyword phrases to your website, which will help you rank in search engines, but for now…you want to create a hype and really start engaging with social media.

I’ve found that the perfect formula for this is what I like to call, The Post Of The Day.  I use it with the majority of the businesses I own and I don’t miss scheduling my posts…EVER.  I choose 5 days per week for this formula.

Here is the exact layout that I give to contractors at our tattoo/piercing and beauty salon called Pinups & NeedlesWe have strictly only used free social media networks and 0 advertising budget.  We take pride in being a word-of-mouth shop.  Our work speaks for itself and we live for the reviews and exposure from clients and customers that come to our shop across multiple social platforms.

You can use this Post Of The Day outline to tailor to meet the needs of your own business as well, enjoy!

Post Of The Day

Example Posts

A quick break down of the example posts.  You want to make sure you have the following:

  1. Engaging Description
  2. How to find you, book an appointment, etc.  (phone number, website, location)
  3. Appropriate hashtags


Why pick only one color when you have two ears?! This adorable soul rocks her own unique style and I love it!
Text or Call 231-493-5045 to setup your appointment!
Visit our website at:
#beautysalon #salon #tattooshop #tattoo #piercing #piercingstudio #pinupsandneedles #traversecity #lovemyclients #safeinmychair #getfancy #happyfaces #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #shoplocal #earpiercing #lobepiercing #uniquelittleone

More to the nature sleeve! I love the times we share so much 🙂
Tattoo by Charles “Baby Handz” Comber @charles_memphis
Call or text 231-493-5045 to setup your creative edge appointment today!
#tattoos #tattooing #pinupsandneedles #traversecity #eternalink #babyhandz #tattooartist #finelinetattooartist #michigantattooartist  #finelinetattoo #fkironsproteam #naturetattoo #sleevetattoo #mountaintattoo

Now it’s time to post your content.  This is the order that I use for my posts

  1. Instagram
    • Facebook personal/page
    • Twitter
    • Tumblr
    • Add to Story and highlight story
      1. Tag Charles_memphis, pinupsandneedles, twiggy pop, shaferboyink, client (if they have insta)
  2. Set facebook post to public (if posted to personal)
    • Tag Charles, natalie, pinups and needles, jake, and client (if they have fb)
  3. Add to facebook page/personal portfolio
  4. Google Maps/Contribute
    • Check in at PN
    • Add photos/videos
  5. Yelp check in
    • Tag natalie and Charles
  6. TikTok
    • Create video from photos and/or video
  7. If video, upload to YouTube as well
    • Check in at PN
  8. Reddit
  9. Pinterest
  10. Linked In
  11. Snapchat

8-11 does not pertain to all of the businesses I do a post of the day for, but definitely the first 7 for all of them 😊

Ok, so now you have your first post complete!

You will want to set a schedule for yourself that you can commit to.  You will find that certain days and times will affect the exposure of your posts.  I am going to throw out there that 8-10amEST usually works best for me.  I choose 5 days per week.  I do not always post on the same days, but Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays seem to do really well.  I will cover the importance of days and times, along with current best days and times for different businesses in the near future as well.

Next, I’ll break down the importance of adding to your story, tagging people, adding hashtags, checking in, etc.

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